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What is 5-Stand Shooting? - Shotgun Shooting Sports

Guides to Trap Shooting / By Timothy Poole

Among the numerous games available at sporting and shooting clubs, this guide is on 5-Stand shooting, a misture of trap and skeet shooting.

What is 5-Stand Shooting?

5-Stand shooting is a sport that merges trap and skeet shooting together. This sport features a line of fire "stands" place side-by-side and a few feet apart for the shooter, along with launches. These launchers are situated on the shooter's front, back, and sides. The shooter is the provided with fire targets at each station, making it at total of 25 targets to shoot at different distances and angles.


5-Stand Shooting: The Basics

When it comes to understanding five-stand shooting, you need to know what is exactly looks like. Around six to eight target throwers are planted strategically throughout a field to release the targets in a predetermined sequence.


Furthermore, there are five stations enclosed in a cage and placed side by side at an equal distance. The cage enclosure limits the angle of shooting targets. The target sequence is marked onto the menu card and placed in front of each shooting cage.

Each station has five targets. After completing a station, you can move on the the next one clockwise.

Now that you know what a 5-Stand shooting field looks like, here are some basic rules to follow when changing stations and shooting targets: